Historic is a collection of fine jewellery inspired by the remarkable work of William Burges.

"Billy" Burges (1827-1881) was one of the most imaginative architect designers of the Victorian Period.

In collaboration with Cardiff castle Neil set about researching and studying William Burges’s work. The aim was to create a definitive Victorian Gothic collection in sterling silver using the same materials that Burges himself used, all pieces directly influenced from Burges’s work within the castle.

Neil has designed and made using original hand making techniques to produce the collection. All the suites of jewellery have been produced with the same techniques as Burges would have used like lost wax casting and rivet assembly. He has also used real semi-precious stones to the exact colour Burges proffered when designing, rich deep red garnets, dark blue sapphire and vibrant blue turquoise cabochon’s feature in many parts of the collection. 

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