Up-cycling Old Jewellery

Up-cycling Old Jewellery

Lots of us have old jewellery at home, in a drawer that hasn't seen the light for years. Whether this is inherited, too nice to get rid of but not necessarily your personal taste or sentimental but not wearable, we can work this into something you will love and that will take pride of place. 

Sometimes all your precious jewellery needs is a professional repair and/or clean to bring it to its former glory, as it is surprising what results this can achieve. We would recommend getting precious jewellery such as engagement and wedding rings getting a professional clean as an upkeep ritual once yearly as they are worn every day, they tend to go through of wear and tear and this will keep them looking sparkly and new.

Other times a full re-work is necessary, and we often get enquiries about old jewellery that needs a new lease of life. Re-working is a great way to keep hold of sentimental jewellery without compromising on personal taste. We can keep the elements of what made the ring special in the first place, such as the original stones but place it into a new modern setting. We understand how hard it is to hand over something so sentimental, but rest assured our award-winning designers and goldsmiths have years of experience and a deep understanding of jewellery design. 

An example of this is a complete remodel we did, a client brought in a ring that was inherited and a pair of diamond earrings, they were precious to her, but something she would never wear. We remodelled this into something modern while still keeping the stones and most importantly, something that she loved and could wear, while still being reminded of special memories associated with the original pieces.