Welcome to the AJC blog!

Welcome to the AJC blog!

First of all, thanks for visiting our site! To avoid boring everyone with a whole essay on why you should read our blog, we'll keep it simple:

  • What?

Thinkpieces, informative articles and discussion on a range of specialist crafts, with a focus on jewellery and goldsmithing.

Our Wales Watch series will showcase some of the nation's finest independent creative businesses and designers, while Ask Neil sees your own queries on jewellery, goldsmithing, metalcraft and more answered by Goldsmith-accredited, award-winning maker Neil Rayment, boasting over 30 years of experience.

  • Who?

A rich variety of guest bloggers from the field of artisanal and independent craft and business.

  • When?

New articles every Tuesday, and every other Thursday.

  • Where?

Right here, at

We'll also be sharing each new post on our social media platforms when they go out.

  • Why?

Simply put, we believe in mastering a craft and sharing it with the world.

Our passion lies in the perfection of a product - and this blog sets out to support and connect with some of the UK's finest creators who share this ideal, while engaging with our audience and inspiring others.

  • How?

With your help! We're itching to find out what you're interested in seeing here, and if you're a creator looking to get your work on a platform, don't hesitate to get in touch.

We are excited to get started - stay tuned for our post on Thursday.