953 Reynolds Steel Wedding Band

Sarah came to us all the way from Nebraska, USA, expressing that her fiancé is an avid cyclist, who favours steel framed bicycles. She explained that her fiancé’s request was a custom-made wedding band made from 953 Reynolds steel as he once had a bike made from this material. 953 Reynolds steel is a well-known, British household name in the cycling community, famous for its sturdiness and strength but also its light weight.

In order to craft such a ring, Neil sourced the 953 Reynolds steel and then cut three layers from it. A very resilient and tough steel to work with. Riveting these three layers together using intense heat, hammering each layer into each other to fit, stretching these to the correct finger size and polishing off the final product, required expert hands and years of master craftsmanship experience. The final result was a simplistic yet unique wedding band design. A lightweight and yet very strong, gunpowder grey ring that both Sarah and her fiancé loved.