Celtic Jewellery

Bespoke Celtic Jewellery

As Advanced Jewel Craft is based in Wales, some of our designs have been influenced by the culture surrounding us. Historically Celtic craftsmen took inspiration from nature and their surroundings.

Celtic art and design is very distinctive and striking and heavily uses motifs. These motifs include knots, interlace patterns, zoomorphic imagery, spirals and crosses. It originated in Ancient Britain and Ireland, and was widely used across the European mainland and spans many centuries and styles. 

There are many different knot styles, from the well-known trinity knot to the Celtic love and the spiral knots. These knot designs are bold, and translate extremely well to jewellery design and have a strong cultural history behind them to enrich the story behind the piece. Whether you want to put a twist on a current knot or start your own design from scratch Advanced Jewel Craft can help bring your ideas to reality.