Dress & Cocktail Rings

Dress and Cocktail Rings 

We have made a number of unique and bold cocktail rings. This lively and dramatic style of ring was born out of prohibition era America in the 1920s, where although there were restrictions on alcohol, there was also newfound freedom and many people expressed this freedom in the clothes and haircuts they wore, the way they acted and the cocktail parties they attended. These things were always previously frowned upon, and many women celebrated this freedom by wearing huge eye-catching and glamorous rings to these parties, the name soon stuck, and a style of jewellery was born.

The best part of cocktail rings is that they are designed to make a bold statement, so your imagination can really run wild while designing one. This imagination coupled with Advanced Jewel Craft's expert knowledge and silversmithing experience can come together to make a truly one of a kind piece to show off your unique personality and style!