Samantha's Gift to Sarah

Samantha had a really great idea for a gift for a very special person. She had a bunch of silver jewellery lying around and did not wear it but also did not want to let it go to waste. So she brought her jewellery to us along with the idea to upcycle the material into a bangle for her best friend Sarah.

The beauty of upcycling jewellery is that if the old material comes from a sentimental piece, then it will still hold that memory within the newly crafted piece. As we like to call it, jewellery is vessels of sentiment. It is also useful to create something out of material that would never be worn again as it doesn’t suit the person or if the jewellery is broken.

What came to be the result of Samantha’s gift to Sarah was a truly unique sterling silver bangle adorning two stars, one encrusted with recycled diamonds and Sarah’s company logo, as well as her signature ‘engraved’ into the other.