Shaped Wedding Rings Service

We are often asked to design bespoke shaped wedding rings to fit exactly alongside engagement rings.

Although these designs follow the contours of the engagement rings, we feel it important that they are beautiful pieces of jewellery in their own right so that they can be worn separately.

We provide a bespoke shaped wedding band service, enabling you to combine your choice of design and materials in a ring that fits you perfectly.

Our Handmade Shaped Wedding Ring Service

Your initial appointment:

In the relaxed environment of our design studio in Cardiff Bay, we will have an informal chat about your ideas and requirements, during which Neil Rayment, our resident designer, will create preliminary sketches.

  1. If we are fitting a wedding band to an unusual engagement ring then we might also take a mould, this enables you to take your engagement ring away with you.
  2. Next, using the latest in computer-aided design we create a photo-realistic picture of your existing engagement ring and the new wedding ring (or any other item that we are designing for you). This is then emailed to you for final checks, any requested alterations are made and a new picture is sent. We will continue with this process until you're absolutely happy with your design!
  3. Next, we might create a model in wax if we think it's necessary and get you back in for a final fitting. If not, we start the crafting process and three to four weeks later the perfect ring for the perfect day is created.

This process enables us to create a beautiful, unique wedding ring that you will cherish for years to come and give you a beautiful lifelong of your special day.